Beat Migraines And Headaches With Our Therapy Head Cap

"The cooling therapy is so soothing and provides almost instant relief for my headaches."- Frances G.

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  • Provides instant cold therapy

  • It comes with extension cable & USB cable 

  • Features double suture elastic compression

  • Made of soft fabric and is easy to put on or take off

  • Interior soft gel design ensures it is comfortable to wear

The Otarius Therapy Head Cap stands out as a natural and safe alternative to prescription medication for treating headaches. The 360° cooling and gentle compression provided by the headband works by easing the symptoms of a headache without any potential harmful long-term effects. Additionally, the product is backed by scientific research and a full refund guarantee, providing customers with a risk-free experience.

However, after years of research and development, the Otarius Therapy Head Cap has carefully engineered the most effective solution to neck pain. Their innovation combines 360° cold therapy, gentle compression therapy, light obscuration, and 20-30 minutes of relaxation. Make it an excellent choice for anyone looking for a natural and efficient solution to manage chronic headaches and migraines.

  • Provides relief from seasonal allergies

  • Promotes blood flow and reduces inflammation

  • Helps to ease migraine, sinus, cluster and stress

  • Reduces inflammation in the head and neck area

  • It offers natural cooling migraine and headache relief treatments

  • Can be used in combination with medication for better relief

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Is it safe for children to use?

Yes, The Otarius Therapy Head Cap is safe to wear even to kids. But please guide them while they are using it for safey of each and everyone.

How long does it take to activate?

The ideal 'FROZEN' temperature it takes approximately 2 hours to reach this temperature. We suggest keeping it in the freezer/fridge so that it is always available when needed. On the other hand, for 'HOT' temperature, simply place the cap in the microwave at room temperature for as little as 20 seconds, and YourWeellnes will help you ease into a state of deep relaxation.

Is it easy to put on/off the Therapy Head Cap?

Absolutely! It takes only seconds to put on and take off the Otarius Therapy Head Cap. All you have to do to put it on is slide it over your head and enjoy a few minutes of total relaxation. When you're done, just slide it off and store it back in the freezer inside the provided freezer bag until you're ready to use it again.

What is the temperature range of the therapy cap?

The Otarius Therapy Head Cap ensures an enjoyable and soothing experience with its perfect temperature regulation. This innovative cap is designed to heat and freeze at optimal temperatures every time it's used. It can maintain the ideal temperature for up to 20 minutes.