Stay Powered Anywhere with a Solar Lantern with Charger and Never Worry About a Dead Battery

" These products are ideal for camping, patios, picnics, or any emergency situation when the power goes out. I am overjoyed that our lanterns have been so useful."- Mary W.

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  • It is easy to install and maintain.

  • It can be charged by 6 hours of sunlight and can provide illumination for 8 hours.

  • They are durable and can withstand extreme weather conditions.

  • They are eco-friendly and do not produce any harmful emissions.

  • Light Up Your Life and Charge Your Smartphone with Solar Lantern Charger

The Otarius 2-in-1 Solar Lantern Charger is a must-have for emergencies and camping trips. This device features an LED lantern and a phone charger to keep you powered and lit up no matter the situation. With a reliable and long-lasting battery, you can keep your phone charged and your campsite illuminated. Perfect for any adventurous outing!

This lantern provides a convenient and eco-friendly way to light up your nights. With no batteries needed, you can simply charge the lantern by the sun or USB, and the energy stored in the internal battery will be used to power the lantern when you need it. Perfect for camping trips, outdoor activities, or even just keeping around the house for emergency use.

  •  Eco-friendly: solar lanterns do not emit any pollutants or greenhouse gases.

  • Durable: since it does not require electricity, solar lanterns can outlast regular lanterns.

  • Solar lantern Charger are perfect for usage in rural regions when conventional power is unavailable.

  • Multi-purpose: can be used for illumination, emergency, and decorative purposes.

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How do you charge Otarius 2-1 solar lantern?

Otarius lights come with a high-efficiency mono-crystalline solar panel which charges the internal battery when exposed to direct sun. To maximise charging, position the light outside in direct sunlight, away from any shadows or shade. Charge times may vary depending on the season, location and product, but if your product is fitted with a 5V micro USB input port, you can also recharge quickly using this method.

Can I charge both Solar Lantern charger and my phone at the same time?

It is not suggested to charge your lantern while also charging your phone through USB, as this puts too much load on the battery and reduces the longevity of your lantern. Using solar energy to charge your lantern and phone at the same time is an excellent method to keep energized while on the go.

What is the size of a Otarius solar lantern?

To get a better understanding of the size of our Otarius Solar Lanterns, you can view the individual product images or watch the product videos. They all deflate to a thickness of less than 1 inch and can inflate into various cube sizes. The PackLite Hero 2-in-1 Supercharger is the largest of the lanterns and expands to a 6"x6"x6" cube.

How long does it take to charge these lanterns via solar when exposed to direct sunlight?

The Otarius solar lantern can be fully recharged in 12-14 hours when exposed to direct sunlight.

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