Middle Finger Light: Give The Bird & Wave to Drivers

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Having a hard time communicating with other drivers? The Middle Finger Light is a top notch driver criticism gadget. Improve your driving habits, communication, and awareness all while having fun!

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Does this really work?

The Middle Finger light takes the place of dangerous driver communication methods like checking the brakes, shouting, spraying washer fluid, and so on. Instead, you can communicate immediate feedback in a safe and funny way with the click of a button.

How To Use?

  • Step 1: Attach the batteries to the device.

  • Step 2: Put it at the rear mirror of your vehicle.

  • Step 3: Place the remote in your desired location.

  • Step 4: Press the desired gesture you want.

  • Step 5: Enjoy communicating and interacting with your fellow drivers!

Why the Middle Finger Light?

Aside from the obvious benefit of easier communication, a middle finger light has also other advantages. Like...

  • REMOTE CONTROLLED -You can safely and hilariously convey driver feedback with a single button click. The Middle Finger Light takes the place of dangerous driver communication, such as yelling and checking the brakes.

  • COMPLIANT WITH US TRAFFIC LAWS – The Middle Finger Light is legal in most states in the United States thanks to its non-flashing, amber yellow lights. The first car and truck accessory that helps diffuse road rage while making driving fun.

  • AUTOMATIC BRIGHTNESS ADJUSTMENT - The Middle Finger Light automatically switches between daytime brightness and nighttime dimming!The ideal humorous present for individuals who suffer from road rage and enjoy cool car electronics.

  • EASY MOUNTING – With the adhesive Velcro strips that come with the Middle Finger Light, you can mount it and the remote with ease and safety. The hand light can be attached to the interior back window, and the remote can be secured to your keychain or dashboard.

  • RISK-FREE PURCHASE - Don’t worry about missing Amazon’s 30-day return window. We offer a 120-day, no questions asked returns together with our One Year Warranty. If - FOR WHATEVER REASON – you don’t like it, we’ll make sure to take care of that. Buy with confidence!

Interesting Features

  • RF remote controlled

  • Automatic brightness adjustment

  • Extended battery life

  • Easy Mounting


  • Material -  ABS Plastic
  • Color: Black
  • Function: Driver Feedback Device
  • Battery Recommended: 3 AA Batteries


  • Single package size:
    ‎6.73 x 5.98 x 1.22 inches
  • Single gross weight:
     ‎6.7 ounces

Package includes

  • 1X Middle Finger Light
  • 1X Remote Control
  • 1 Lithium Ion batteries (included) for remote
  • 3M Velcro Adhesive Strips
  • 1X User Manual


  • RF Remote Controlled
  • 3-4 Months of Battery Life
  • Easy Mounting

Middle Finger Light VS Others

  • Simple gestures

  • Longer Battery Life

  • Easy to attach

  • Brightness Adjustment

  • Durable Velcro Strips

  • Complicating controls

  • Short Battery Life

  • Hard to see during daylight

  • Easily detached

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Questions & Answers

Is it remote controlled?

Yes, the remote control works within 50 feet.

How long does the batteries last?

 Battery life lasts 3-4 months.

Does the light adjust for daylight?

Yes, the Middle Finger Light automatically adjusts its own brightness based on brightness outside.

Is the battery included?

Only for the remote batteries are included not for the signal light.


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