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  • Saves up to 32 recent testing records.

  • Fast 5 Day Express Shipping 

  • Works on 3AAA batteries(not included)

  • Six different testing modes

  • Battery life = approximately 200 tests

"I use this all the time. It is also a lot of fun at parties if you buy extra mouth pieces."- John M.

Introducing Award Winning Breathalyzer. Upgraded 2021 model with advanced sensor which precisely reads the breath. Police and hospital Grade Accuracy - Quickly and easily estimates your blood alcohol content (BAC) . Blow without contact for healthier measurement and for more accurate detection. Saves up to 32 recent testing records.

Did You Know?

Don't Become a Statistic, Take Control By Acccuratly Measuring Your BAC Levels Before driving. 

  • Auto-calibration & sensor fault self-checking system

  • Fast response time <5 seconds

  • Accuracy +/- 0.010% BAC (0.1 g/l)

  • Six different testing modes: %BAC-US, g/l-EU, mg/L BRAC-JP, mg/100ml-CN, ‰BAC-RU, ‰prom-PL

How Does it Work?

  • 1. Just press the power button for 2 seconds to start the alcohol tester

  • 2. Powered by 3AAA alkaline batteries (not included)

  • 3. Detection range: 0.000-0.190%BAC / 0.000-0.950 mg / L (BAC can be set by yourself)

  • 4. When the test result is higher than 0.05% BAC / 0.5 ‰ BAC -The factory default setting, the red light flashes and a continuous drop sound is emitted to remind the driver.

  • 5. Applicable to drivers and home use

Portable breathalyzer is easy to carry around

Avaliable for Friends gathering, company reunions, family reunion, wherever you go, do not drive after drinking. Equipped with an alcohol tester in car to remind ourselves in a crucial moment, responsible for their own safety and also to reassure their families safety

NOTE: NOTE: In order to make the test results accurately, please test with the alcohol breathalyzer 20 minutes later after drinking; please wait for another 3 minutes before starting the next test to get the precise testing result

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Why choose JASTEK professional edition alcohol tester?

JASTEK breath alcohol tester is a lightweight, practical, safe, easy to carry alcohol content detection tools for traffic police check and the driver self-test.

Detection range: 0.000-0.190%BAC / 0.000-0.950 mg / L


A) the breathalyzer test rating is adjustable with 6 common-used units (%BAC-US, g/l-EU, mg/L-JP, mg/100ml-CN, ‰BAC-RU, ‰prom-PL);

B) CAUTION and ALARMING values can be set by users based on your own need;

C) up to 32 recent testing records for your checking


Everything You Need To Know Before You Buy

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Does it save old readings?

Saves up to 32 recent testing records.

How long do I have to wait after drinking before taking the test?

You should wait for 20 minutes to get the most accurate results.

Does it have an ability to print the test results?

The devide does not have the ability to print the results.

Do I need to calibrate it?

It will recalibrate automatically, so you don't need to do anything. 

How does it charge?

It charges with 3AAA batteries(not included)

What is the highest number it will show?

The test result of this device ranges from 0.000~0.19% BAC.

How much does shipping cost?

The shipping is free.

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