Weather Resistant Solar Driveway Alarm System 

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  • Each Sensor Can Work At Least 6 Months Without Solar Energy

  • Water & Sun Proof. Works Great On Rainy and Snowy Days

  • 1/2 Miles Transmission & 30 Feet Detection Range

  • One Reciever Can Be Paired With Up To 4 Sensors. 

  • False Alarms Are Minimized By Adjusting the Sensitivity

“Very easy to install. Designed for your comfort!

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Introducing Premium Solar Driveway Alarm System. It consists of a long-range receiver and solar-powered PIR sensor. 1 receiver can be paired with up to 4 sensors. The system is easy to install and can be fully functional in as little as 10 minutes. It can be set up fully wireless or the receiver can be power with a power supply. This particular product stands out among its pairs with the premium build quality and long-term reliability. The sensor is weatherproof and specially designed to be highly versatile to meet our customers modern needs.

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How many Senors can I pair with 1 receiver?

Hi, thanks for your question. You can pair up to 4 sensors per each receiver. 

Does it require WiFi?

No, this motion detector does not require wifi, thanks.

Will rain or snow damage sensors?

Thanks for your question. Our Solar Driveway Alarm are IP66 waterproof which means (dust-proof, drop-proof and rain-proof, snow proof)

What's the working range of the Driveway alarms and how far can it detect?

The working range from the sensor to the receiver can reach up to 2000ft in the open area. 30ft detection range and 60°detection angle of the sensor are ideal for driveways and walking paths.

Can the sensor pick up motion at night?

Yes, the driveway sensor can pick up motion at night.

How long will it take to charge the detector?

The maximum power output of the solar power panel is 0.35W. 

What’s the maximum range of the alarm system?

In open space with no obstacles, the maximum range between the detector and the receiver is over 800 meters/2700 feet. Obstacles like walls, glasses and trees will affect the transmission distance. 

Will I be alerted when the detector power runs low?

When the detector power runs low, the low power indicator on the receiver will light up, please charge the detector with DC 5V/1A external power supply.

Can I use DC 5V/1A external power supply instead of AA batteries to power the receiver?

Yes, the receiver can be powered with AA battery or DC 5V/1A external power supply. With the external power supply connected, the receiver will use the external power supply as default, even with batteries inserted. 

Can the transmission get through a brick wall? Will it affect the detection?

Yes, absolutely. Detection won't be affected. 

How do I Adjust the Sensitivity?

False alarms are minimized by adjusting the sensitivity of the sensor “eye” with the switch. (High= 30ft,Low = 20ft.)

If my electricity goes out in my house, is there a backup battery to make this system in the house work?

Yes absolutely. Reciever has AA Batteries which guarantees it to work even without having an electricity. 

Setup in 3 Simple Steps

Power The Receiver

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Step 1 - Power the receiver with a set of 4 AA batteries or connect it to the power supply. 

Install The Sensors

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Step 2 - Charge the senors for the first time and mount them to the fence.

Go Live

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Step 3 - Get sounds alarms when PIR sensor detects the  motion.

Wide Range off Application

The receiver has a long range of up to 1/2 miles. The sensor can be mounted to almost any surface.  This makes the camera highly versatile and ideal for a wide range of applications.

Wire Free

The sensor is self-sufficient and no external power source is required for it to operate.

The smart PIR technology ensure that the power consumption is optimized for long-term uninterrupted use.

The receiver can be powered with a set of 4 AA batteries.

Water and Dust Proof

The device is designed to be weatherproof. It is created specifically for outdoor use. The housing of the camera is specially designed to protect the internals from severe weather conditions, such as heavy rain or sun. It will function properly in the most climates.


  • Power  The Receiver - Insert batteries or plug into the power source.

  • Charge The Sensor - Fully charge the sensor before installation.

  • Install The Sensor - It has to be installed 3-5 feet above  the ground.

  • Clear The View - To avoid false alarms there should not be  any tree branches waving within 10 feet in front of the sensor. 

  • Adjust The Sensor - Keep PIR sensor away from direct sunlight.

  • Adjust The Channels - All 4 sensors need to be set to 4 different channels so that they don't interfere with each other.

  • Adjust The Sensitivity - You can adjust the sensitivity of PIR sensor.

What's Included in the Box?

  • x1 Receiver 

  • Number of Sensors You Ordered

  • Solar Driveway Alarm User Manual

  • Screws and Plastic Plugs

  • USB Charging Cord (first charge)

  • Power Adapter

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