Stay Safe and Illuminate Your Path During Power Outages, Camping, Hiking and Travels with Solar Our Lanterns

" This little product is truly exceptional; I take it everywhere with me and it lasts forever when out fishing. Now, I've convinced my friend to get one too - they're superb!"- John M.

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  • It is easy to install and maintain.

  • This solar light can be powered up with 6 hours of sunlight and can provide up to 8 hours of illumination.

  • ide range of uses: Solar lanterns can be used for a variety of purposes, including lighting up a room, providing emergency lighting, and more.

  • Environmentally friendly: Solar lanterns do not produce harmful emissions and do not require any fuel.

 Illuminate your world with Otarius Solar Lanterns! Light up the night with Otarius Solar Lanterns! Our portable, solar-powered lanterns provide hours of bright light—great for outdoor adventures, emergencies, and everyday use. Simply place in direct sunlight and it'll power up—small enough to fit in your backpack, glove compartment, or pocket, so you can take the light with you anywhere!

Never worry about running out of light again! The Charge it Lantern keeps you illuminated at night and is powered by the sun or your USB port — no batteries needed! The internal battery stores energy from the sun or your USB connection, so you can enjoy bright LED light without having to worry about replacing or recharging batteries. Plus, it's easy to store or transport, with a twist and compress design that makes it perfect for camping trips or charging on-the-go.

  • Long-lasting: Solar lanterns are designed to last for several years, making them a cost-effective option for long-term lighting.

  •  Reliable: Solar lanterns are designed to be reliable and durable, making them suitable for use in remote or harsh environments.

  • Portable: Solar lanterns are lightweight and portable, making them ideal for outdoor activities such as camping.

  • Environmentally friendly: Solar lanterns do not emit any pollutants or greenhouse gases, making them a greener option than conventional lighting.

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How do you recharge a Otarius solar lantern?

Solar lanterns and power lanterns can be powered by the sun's energy via solar panels, or can be recharged with a micro-USB cable. These devices provide light in areas where traditional electricity is not available. The rechargeable batteries ensure that the lanterns can be used repeatedly, making them a great choice for outdoor activities such as camping, hiking, and festivals.

What is the weight of an Otarius solar lantern?

The weight of all solar lantern models is 5oz.

What are the dimensions of a Otarius solar lantern?

For convenient storage and charging while traveling, they can be flattened to measure 4.75" x 4.75" x 1.0".

I would like to know what type of solar cell is used for this product so that I can determine which wavelengths of light can be used to charge it.

Thank you for your question! The Solar Lantern uses a high-efficiency, mono-crystalline silicon solar panel rated at 0.6W. This type of solar panel is able to charge from all wavelengths of visible light. However, exposure to UV or IR light will not affect charge times. Charging through a window will decrease the charge rate dramatically as light shining through windows is indirect and partially filtered. We hope this answers your question!

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