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" A must-have for anyone, these solar flashlights are easy to charge and last a long time on a single charge. Highly recommended."- David A.

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  • LED bulbs equipped provide long-lasting, efficient lighting

  • Solar flashlights provide dependable lighting during power outages and other crises.

  • Water-resistant materials make it suitable for use in wet conditions.

  • Renewable and sustainable, making solar flashlights an environmentally friendly option.

  • You can attach it to the car or any metallic surface to use as a working light, camping lamp or emergency light

The Otarius Tactical Solar Flashlight is a multi-purpose tool designed to keep you safe in any situation. With 9 different functions, this solar-powered flashlight can be used over and over again without the need for batteries or electricity. Simply charge it up using the power of the sun, and you'll have a reliable source of light for any situation.

It is durable and can survive harsh environments, making it useful in a variety of situations. It has long-lasting LED bulbs that provide brilliant, efficient lighting for longer periods of time. Furthermore, it is frequently water-resistant, making it appropriate for usage in wet or rainy weather. This makes it a dependable source of lighting for outdoor activities or emergencies.

  • Can be used to light up a campsite or for outdoor activities.

  • Otarius Solar flashlights are durable and can withstand rough conditions.

  • Otarius Solar flashlights are equipped with durable, water-resistant materials, suitable for use in wet or rainy conditions.

  • Solar flashlights are portable and can be taken anywhere, easy to use and require minimal maintenance.

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How long Otarius Solar Flashlightt can it charge?

The Otarius Solar Flashlight charge using the AC cord in about 6 hours . That's fairly quick for such a large battery. You can also charge your Solar Flashlight with its solar panel. Solar charging can take up to 40 hours, depending on the lighting and battery conditions. So place it on your dashboard, windowsill, or wherever in direct sunshine to ensure you're always charged and ready to go!

Is Solar Flashlight heavy?

Weighs less than 1 lb. also 4” tall x 2.25” wide. it can accompany you pretty much everywhere.

What is the lifespan of Otarius Solar Flashlight?

The Otarius Solar Flashlight is made of high-quality aluminum and is water-resistant. It comes with a diamond-thread, anti-slip handle. It includes a 365-day money back guarantee with no hassles or fine print.

Even though it is intended to survive the environment, you should always treat your HaloXT with care and follow the care instructions that come with it. Having said that, we've thoroughly tested it here, and it's a durable little gadget that we're proud to provide.

Is Solar Flashlight Water-resistant? 

Yes, it is water-resistant. You don't have to be concerned if it becomes wet.

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