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Ghost Meter: Avoid Gettig Exposed To high radiation & Detect Ghost

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Electromagnetic fields, or EMFs, are emitted by all forms of electrical devices. EMFs are everywhere around us, coming from appliances, cell phones, electrical equipment, and even the human body. The Ghost Meter measures these fields to detect appliances that emit high levels of radiation, allowing consumers to make informed decisions about how to limit their exposure. EMF variations have also been linked to locations where inexplicable phenomena, such as supposed haunted houses, have been documented.

Used the device at home and at my sister's home and didn't really get anything except by our WiFi router and tv, so we werent sure that it was actually effective. Took the device to a ghost hunt at an asylum and it went off like crazy! We were able to look up and figure out how to use it to communicate. It also seemed to pair up activity with our recordings! Can't wait to use it again!

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- Jamie Howells, US

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How does it work?

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The use of broadband pass technology within the Ghost Meter, which implies that it is more sensitive to electromagnetic frequency than conventional EMF meters. There are five different color LED signals to represent the various levels of magnetic field. It may be used both indoors and outdoors to measure any electric equipment or power line.


Get The Ghost Meter

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Easy To Use

It's absolutely easy to use all you have to do is follow the manual that comes with your Ghost Meter.


Locate harmful radiation

The Ghost Meter now can help you locate potentially harmful EMF radiation from nearby and specially calibrated for paranormal investigations.

Why It's Trending?

  • The ghost hunting equipment range used for ghost hunting aids in measuring electromagnetic fields, identifying equipment that emits high levels of radiation, and allowing users to decide whether or not to limit exposure.

  • Easy-to-read: The colorful led lights make readings visible in both daylight and darkness; it is convenient to carry with you because it fits in your pocket or purse!

  • Levels are assessed in order to avoid potentially detrimental long-term EMF overexposure.

  • With a frequency range of 50 Hz to 20,000 Hz, you can detect a mobile phone from a distance of less than 2 feet.

  • LED Magnetic Field Detector Table = Reliable, Sturdy, Excellent Effect, and Extreme Sensitivity

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Rated by 4.9/5 by 1175 Happy Users
Rated by 4.9/5 by 1471 Happy Users

The Specifications Revealed

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  • Size: 14.3*2.9*5.3cm

  • Weight: 101g

  • Default resolution: 12 MP((4032*3024)

  • Measuring Range: 0 to 20+ milli Gauss

  • Power supply: 9V battery

  • LED lights: 5 levels

  • Frequency: 50-60Hz

What's in the Package?

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  • 1x Ghost Meter

  • 1x User Guide

Rated by 4.9/5 by 1175 Happy Users
Rated by 4.9/5 by 1471 Happy Users

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Frequently Asked Questions

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is this good for reading UV disinfectant lights and 5g phones?
If you place the meter near these devices the meter is going to pick up any EMF your items give off. Studies have shown anything above 2.0 can be hazardous over a long period of time. And it also depends are how close you are to the device over a long period of time that have high EMF emissions.

Does it automatically shut off?

No. To turn on one click of center button is all you need to do. First green light stays on! To turn off you need to push center button once. The light should go off.

Do I need to keep pressing the button with something to turn on the paranormal equipment?

All lights should be off when powered "off". No lights lit. It has a battery already. Put the center button once, this turns the device "on". The very first green lite should show a constant glow, this shows device is on and working! To turn off, push center button once. If there is no large EMF none of the lights will light up. Showing no changes in environment. But if meter lights to yellow or red this indicates just how strong the EMF field is, thus a change in the environment. You can test the device by moving meter close to a microwave, or your Power Meter Box. Some devices will give off the device, so be sure to keep away from items that may carry a EMF charge. I am more than happy to answer any questions you may have!

If the appliance I am testing keeps changing, will the indicator light change differently?

Yes it should change or light up

Does it come with free shipping?

Absolutely, yes.

Rated by 4.9/5 by 1471 Happy Users
Rated by 4.9/5 by 1471 Happy Users

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