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Secretly Record Intruders With The Smoke Detector Camera

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Need Eyes For When You Aren't There?
If you need to know what’s happening when you aren’t around? Or you feel someone isn’t being entirely truthful? And you can almost swore that video evidence would solve the problems that you can’t figure out.

Smoke Detector Hidden cameras could be what you need to get concrete proof of what’s going on. They’re also easier to use and more affordable than ever before.

"The image quality was acceptable. It has highlights to record live recordings too so that is something extraordinary on the top, yet would have to purchase sd card. I would suggest this item."

- Sam B.

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How does it work?

Our smoke detector camera work like any regular camera - the only difference is that we hide it inside a working object. The smoke detector camera records clear, motion-activated video and can sense movement at any distance. When it does detect motion, it starts recording a new video.


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Plug & Play Operation

Charge the camera before use, insert micro SD card, turn on the camera, choose the mode you want and then stick it to the bracket to get it to work.


Motion Detection With Alert Push

Once the motion detection activated, alarm notifications will be pushed to your phone, automatically capture 3 photos and saved in the app. So you can set the camera to alarm you to keep safety of your property and family when out home.

Here’s why It's Flying Off The Shelves...

Smoke Detector Camera allows you to clearly see and monitor what happened on your phone when you are out. You no longer have to worry about what happens to your baby, pets or suspicious babysitter at home. You can now check your home anytime, anywhere. The best part is that the hidden camera starts recording when it detects motion in the field of view of the camera. Sending alerts to your mobile phone, and capture three high-definition pictures saved on the APP.
Rated by 4.9/5 by 34 Happy Customers

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Various Features & Uses Of This Camera Pen

Rated by 4.9/5 by 34 Happy Customers

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Can I keep records while charging? Will this overheat?
Yes, you can. It will not overheat. When recording, the temperature of the camera will be the same as your body temperature.

How long does the charge last?

The camera will only work around 2-3 hours after charge. It can also be powered when connected to an electrical outlet.

In what distance does the spy camera start recording?

The camera can continuously record 3-4 hours of video after fully charged. We recommend to keep charging continuously.

Can I control this hidden camera on my smartphone?

Yes, it connects to a smartphone using free app lifetime.

Can I view the records (not in real time) through the app?

Yes it is. You can watch the recorded video through the application!

If there is no wireless network connection, can this camera work?

The camera usually needs to be connected to wifi to use most functions. If the camera is not connected to wifi, the camera can only record and store videos, but cannot use other functions.

Can I use two of these at once on the same computer to capture two cameras?

Yes, absolutely.

Is this camera recording video 24/7

As long as it is connected wifi or has sd card it will record 24/7

How often does the battery need to be charged?

Every 3 hours or you can connect it to the. It can also be powered when connected to an electrical outlet.

Can I use Fire Alarm Cameras without Wifi and just record videos on the SD card? 

Yes, it does.

Can I connect it to a 2.4 ghz portable Wi-Fi? 


Rated by 4.9/5 by 34 Happy Customers


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Therese Y.

From USA

“The camera works incredible! We downloaded the application and it was so natural to utilize. All we needed to do was associate it to our telephones and WiFi and afterward it worked naturally. I feel such a great deal more secure with it and will buy another!”

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