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"I was tired of using the old style splitter for my garden hoses so I replaced it with your version and love it. It's easy to install and the shutoff levers is easy to turn. Outstanding." 

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INTRODUCING NEWLY UPGRADED, LIFETIME GUARANTEED, Garden Hose Splitter. Inlet & outlet will never fall even after extensive use. After many months of lab trials, our expert engineers have completely reconstructed critical components of the splitter. 

The 2 spouts are now fastened with metal bolts, and won’t disconnect. The neck is affixed with threads, forever anchoring the two parts. Either this item will hold, or you take your money back! This never gets old: UNLIMITED MONEY BACK GUARANTEE.


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It’s the little things that matter. I simply got this because I have two water hoses and I wanted to plug up my water bounce house and my splash pad at the same time it does exactly what it supposed to so now the kids can either play on the water slide or on the splash love it and it’s probably one of their favorite things that I’ve ever bought Because it’s a solution to a problem.

- Ivan Hubbard

It stretches pretty easy all the way to its rated 50 feet mark. The ends are heavy metal units which are excellent to use. The included sprayer works great and also has a quality feel. Water goes through and sprays as expected. Seems to be a nice quality hose.

- James Miller 

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2 Way Garden Hose Splitter Solves Your Troubles

The garden hose splitter provides you with two water sources so that you can perform different tasks like washing your car, watering your garden or lawn
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HEAVY DUTY METAL DESIGN & RUBBERIZED GRIP:Made of high quality 100% rustproof zinc alloy & plastic with comfortable rubberized grip, the hose splitter is efficient and durable. The garden hose Y connector rotates 360° allowing you to pull hoses in all directions.

3/4'' US STANDARD SIZE 2 WAY 'Y' HOSE SPLITTER: Meet your new favorite garden tool! 2 connectors & valves easily convert a spigot into 2 high flow water sources. Save your precious time & make your garden life much easier with our hose y splitter!

NO LEAKS OR WATERSHED: Designed with a long smooth thread and rubber ring for the ultimate leakage protection. The connection to your faucet has a washer that prevents leakage so, you don't have to worry about leakage anymore. 

Start saving water, time & money using our upgraded 2020 revolutionary everlasting design.

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Sturdy Construction

The size of hose splitter is 3/4” (US standard).

It has a water connector of ¾ inches that will match any American ¾ inch spigot that can handle water press of 0.8 MPa.

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Perfect Fit with Water Leakage

This water connector arrived with 2 washers.

Our hose splitter is Solid 3/4" brass connectors. To avoid leakage, please add one rubber washers into the hose connector.

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Easy to Turn on/off

Open the spigot and control the water flow with the two shutoff valves, the levers of this splitter are easy and comfortable to turn on and off, no breaking and no leaking.

2 Way Outlet Water Faucet, Y splitter


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Can I use this for an indoor laundry room sink?

Yes, as long as the faucet has a garden hose fitting. I believe most laundry room sinks have that, but you might try it with a hose to make sure. And it even looks really nice!

Can I break the vacuum in an attached hose (so it will drain) when the upstream spigot is Off - by opening the valve not connected to a hose?

If I understand your question correctly, you are asking if the spigot is off and one of the valves has a hose, but the other does not and they are both switched to off. If you can open the one without a hose attached to break the vacuum. The answer is yes.

What kind of metal is this splitter made out of?

Metal body - zinc. Thread - aluminum coated with a layer of brass, in order to avoid corosion.

I need something like this for a kitchen sink faucet, would this work? Is it ok for drinking water?Thanks!

A very good question.

Most users use this splitter for gardening, and not indoors. We use a plastic sleeve to prevent any connection between metal and the water, but will have to consult an expert regarding the % of plastic particles that are allowed in drinking water in the US. Thanks again!

Can I use this to join hot and cold water lines that come in on the 2 side and come out on the 1 side?

Absolutely, it will work perfectly

What is angle between the outlet connections?

 It is 60* as I have another different brand which is 90* between outlets.

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