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Rated by 4.9/5 by 34 Happy Customers

Film Events in Total DISCRETION with Camera Pen

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Stuck in situations where you see crimes unfolding right in front of your eye? Or even grave injustice being done to you but your hands are tied and you are helpless? Our Camera Pen can easily help expose the injustice discretely before the culprit knows what hits him.
Safe guard your basic human rights with the

 Camera Pen TODAY! And...
  • film an event in total discretion.
  • keep an eye on important assets, child care and elderly care.
  • Expose injustice to save the day.
  • Catch your babysitter red-handed.
  • And… You’d be stunned to know which pet is the guilty party.

"Pen works extraordinary! Battery holds charge fine and dandy, and the video and sound quality is obviously superior to I would've expected considering the pen is so reduced. Certainly would suggest."

- Elmett

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How does it work?

Our hidden Camera Pen is completely easy to use with a no-brainer and fast setup. Here’s how to get it rolling in 3 simple steps:


Get The Camera Pen

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Easily & Quickly Set It Up

Insert the micro SD card and Power on the hidden pen camera then ready to record, one-click on/off allows you to start/stop recording video.


Capture All Evidence Quietly

Only 1 button is on the top of hidden Camera Pen to prevent operation mistakes. Just press the button once and the pen with covert lens starts recording video ensuring you catch moments for evidence, and press again to complete the save. The interesting part, NO sound is produced throughout the process.

Here’s why Camera Pen Is Blowing Up On Social Media:

  • Concealment - The indicator light is off during the recording process, and the design of the slide cover can block the camera. The appearance of the nanny cam is exactly the same as a normal pen.
  • Durability - It can record for 150 minutes each time it is fully charged. The body camera also has a reset button to ensure the durability of the pen.
  • Attention To Detail design - The design of the spy kit holder can help you stabilize the lens and avoid shaking. The spy pen can also write and comes with 5 pens inks.
That's not all...
Rated by 4.9/5 by 34 Happy Customers

See The Camera Pen In Action


Photo Mode

When the pen is in video mode, press the function button once and the video recording will end, but the blue indicator will stay on. Press the button twice, the light will flash once, then a photo will be taken, while the blue indicator will continue to stay on.

Video Mode

Press down on the top button until the indicator turns on, the pen camera will start video-taking after the blue light flashes 3 times. The light would go off when the video-recording is on going. Press the function button 1 more time, video recording will end, the blue light would be back again (stand-by mode). If you press the function button 1 more time, the pen camera will start video taking again.

Various Features & Uses Of This Camera Pen

Rated by 4.9/5 by 34 Happy Customers

Here Are People’s Rants About The Camera Pen

Frequently Asked Questions

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What are the top locations where i can use the hidden camera?
You can leave it in a shirt pocket, laying on the counter top or sitting in a cup with other pens. The video is crisp and clear, the audio is perfect. You won't be disappointed.

How long does the charge last?

The camera will record up to 150 minutes per charger.

How does this hidden work? Do you need to have wifi?

No, it doesn't require wifi. It will record everything in the SD card.

How to install the micro SD card with the pen?

Mineral oil is a natural by-product of petroleum. It’s created when petroleum is distilled to become gasoline (yep, the stuff you put in the ol’ gas tank). It’s the same stuff as “petroleum jelly,” which has been a mainstay in U.S. homes for many years by way of creams and lotions, as well as Vaseline and baby oil.

Can I view the records (not in real time) through the app?

Camera pen only records information on sd cards.

Is the microphone pickup effect good?

The microphone has a good sound pickup effect, and the sound of the recorded video can be heard clearly.

Not only is there no sound, but the indicator light will not light. During the recording process, no one will find that this is a camera pen.

Not only is there no sound, but the indicator light will not light. During the recording process, no one will find that this is a camera pen.

When the camera pen is not in use, will it automatically turn off or enter standby mode?

When the indicator lights up in blue, it is in standby mode. If you haven’t done any operation on the device, the pen will automatically turn off in about 30 seconds Very power saving and can be used for a long time.

Is there a spare battery that can be purchased?

The battery is built into the pen so, you won't be able to replace it.

Does this camera have loop recording?

Yes, it does.

Rated by 4.9/5 by 34 Happy Customers


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Rebecca A.

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“Extremely astounded at how well this functions! The sound and video is in reality a particularly extraordinary quality! Content with this buy!”

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